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We Make It Easier for Internet Marketers to Accept Payments!

See how easy it is!

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Why Easy Pay?

Easy Pay makes it easier for Internet Marketers, Coaches, Authors, and Speakers to accept credit cards online and at live events. We understand your industry and have over 10 years of experience supporting Internet Marketers with white-glove treatment.

Easy Pay versus Stripe & PayPal

What if I already have a PayPal or Stripe account?

PayPal and Stripe are not merchant account providers. PayPal, Stripe, (and Square) are third-party processors who aggregate all their sellers into one top-level merchant account, passing the risk on to their sellers.

Third-party processors don’t take the time to fully understand their sellers. Consequently, it’s more likely that they’ll freeze funds or terminate accounts if there is a sudden spike in processing volume, transactions they deem suspicious, or any other issues flagged as ‘high-risk’ by their risk departments.

Due to their perceived risk exposure and general lack of understanding of the Internet Marketing industry, third-party processors charge an inflated rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction to cover any losses they expect to incur while processing your payments.