Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees with Surcharge Pricing

Surcharge pricing is a new card brand sanctioned method of mitigating your processing fees by passing the interchange cost to your customers for using credit cards to make purchases. Merchants can now save thousands of dollars in processing fees by implementing a surcharge to any transaction credit transaction by utilizing our intelligent point-of-sale (POS) devices.

How it works:
  1. A customer pays using a credit card for the purchased item or service.
  2. Our intelligent POS devices detect eligible transactions and apply the surcharge percentage or flat fee. 
  3. The receipt presents a line-item description of the surcharge amount to the customer.
  4. Merchants receive the amount of the purchased item or service as well as the surcharge amount. 
Can any merchant utilize surcharge processing?

Not exactly. Although surcharge processing was sanctioned by the US Supreme Court in 2017, some individual States still prohibit the practice of surcharge processing. The states that still prohibit surcharging are Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Other Surcharge requirements:
  • Surcharge is only applicable to credit cards - debit and prepaid cards are excluded from surcharge pricing.
  • Merchants must register with MasterCard 30-days prior to implementation in order to participate, but Easy Pay will assist with the process. 
  • Merchant must provide clear disclosure of the surcharge amount to consumers at the point of interaction 

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