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Lucky Catch Lobster

Welcome to Lucky Catch Lobster
At Lucky Catch our goal is to provide you a direct link between our lobster boat and your dinner table! In addition to lobster, we specialize in locally harvested shellfish and premium Maine made stews and chowders. Whether it’s for a party, a gift or a special night at home, we’ll ship you the freshest Maine Lobster every time. If you prefer to let your recipient choose the perfect day for a Maine lobster feast, send a Lucky Catch Gift Certificate.

Captain Tom’s lobstering career began in 1984 as a summer job for his neighbor Andy Strout.
They set the traps along the beautiful rocky shoresof Cape Elizabeth and after the first day on the 23 foot boat, Tom was hooked. “It was always a thrill to discover what was waiting inside the next trap” Tom recalls. “I guess that’s the reason it’s still enjoyable today.”

The next summer Tom began working for Andy’s brother Frank on the 36 foot Nancy J. which docked in Portland Harbor. Frank lobstered full time year round and showed Tom the challenges and rewards of making a living on the sea. “Frank was the perfect role model,” Tom explains. “He’s a great fisherman, works hard, very knowledgeable, honest and fair.”

Portland Headlight, located in Cape Elizabeth ME.
While working on the Nancy J. Tom began building some of his own traps and was soon hauling them by hand on board his own 21 foot skiff. A few years later the skiff was replaced with a 30 foot lobster named Sue-Anna-Jean. “Thankfully that boat had a hydraulic trap hauler” Tom mentions.

In 1996 the 37 foot Lucky Catch was purchased to add size and stability but also to take on a new approach. During the summer months Captain Tom began taking passengers out to tend his traps. On the one and a half hour excursions, guests could experience the routines of a real Maine Lobsterman.

As interest grew in the cruises so did the need to package and send lobsters to the customers. “The excitement of catching your own fresh lobster and taking it home or having it sent to friends was too delicious to resist.” Tom says, “now I’m lucky that Liam is here to organize the shipments while I’m on the boat.”

Liam McCoy is Tom’s brother-in-law/business partner who now hand selects the freshest hard shell lobsters to send across the US. Experienced in logistics and customer service, Liam creates a direct connection Lucky Catch Lobster. “They just can’t be any fresher” Liam says. “1 like being able to offer the best Maine lobster. We all take a great deal of pride in what we do.”

Sizing Up A Keeper
If you’re ever in Portland please stop by for a visit. Our packaging facility is located at 41 Union Wharf. The boat ties up on the eastern side of Union Wharf, but during the summer she can also be found on Long Wharf in the Old Port.

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