Fogg’s Boatworks

Boat Plans & Cut Templates

230 Cumberland Rd. North Yarmouth, ME, 04097
Foggs Boatworks

Fogg’s Boatworks is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in the Marine Design and Boat-Building industry.

Whether you are a professional builder or hobby builder, our designs and plans are made for you. Build your own beautiful, high-performing boat using our complete hull and cabin plans with cut templates, or we’ll work with you to customize a one-of-a-kind boat plan. Clear instructions provided.

  • Custom Designed and Built Welded Aluminum Boats
  • Traditional Lines, Cutting Edge Technology
  • Custom Marine Design
  • Designs and Cut Files

Rugged, Stable, & Designed To Last
Our boats are designed to be built of welded aluminum alloys. Welded aluminum alloy boats offer a multitude of benefits. The strength to weight ratio of marine grade aluminum alloys are tough to beat.

This offers the boat owner the benefit of a more efficient hull that is stronger and more durable than most other materials on the market today. It also offers an ease of maintenance.

Whether left bare aluminum and allowed to naturally oxidize or painted for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, you will spend less time maintaining the boat and more time enjoying it.

We have put these boats to the test time and time again. Some of them operating daily, year-round on the waters of Casco Bay, Maine for over ten years.

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