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Business Opportunity

The Ugly Side of Online Coaching and Seminars

Coaching and training programs are considered high risk by nearly every processor and bank, and FTC investigations make them even more concerned with the coaching/training industry in general. Promises of income, wealth and success can lead to big trouble for the companies that make those claims. Make sure your credit card processing account is not put at risk.

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Business Opportunity

Make Money While You Sleep? This Guy Figured it out!

What if there was a way to build an income stream for yourself that would continue to pay you long after the initial work was done? Nearly every business today works with a credit card processing company to get a merchant account in order to accept credit cards from their customers. If you are the one who facilitates getting that business to work with a particular credit card processing company, you can receive a residual income commission every month for as long as that business stays with that processing company.

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Merchant Insights

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Accepting American Express

For years many retailers have thought that accepting American Express was more costly than taking a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card from their customer. It was also more work since American Express required a different application process for approval, and sales deposits settled into your bank account separately from your other credit card sales. On average most businesses see around 53% of their credit card sales volume from Visa, 22% from MasterCard, 21% from American Express and 4% from Discover, so not accepting American Express could directly be impacting your bottom line. If you’re not accepting American Express today here’s why you should think again:

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