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8 Payment Trends to Watch in 2019

We expect 2019 to bring continued advancement in certain sectors of the payments industry as consumers, banks and businesses embrace new technology that provide alternative and easier ways to transact. For better or worse, these technology advancements will also likely lead to an increase government oversight. Here are our top picks to watch in 2019 (in addition to our prediction that the Patriots will win Superbowl LIII in Atlanta on Feb 3.)

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Business Opportunity

A Behind the Scenes Look at Interchange Rates

Merchants continue to see increases in the cost of accepting credit card payments from their customers. The different types of payment cards presented for payment drastically affects the interchange fees merchants pay to process transactions. There are many solutions merchants are simply unaware of that can reduce the fees paid on certain card types. Easy Pay has been helping merchants maximize the tools available to keep their credit card fees as low as possible, and offers a free savings analysis for any merchant who would like to learn more.

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