Referral Partners

Referral Partnership Program

In today's world of modern commerce, almost every business you know has a merchant account to accept credit cards from their customers. Unfortunately, for most merchants the process of digging through the crowded market of unscrupulous merchant providers, confusing pricing models and complicated point-of-sale options quickly becomes one of the biggest headaches for merchants.  

Why not help the businesses and individuals in your network skip the hassle and time wasted in evaluating different processors and direct them to a trusted partner that will ensure they're set up with best-in-class service and transparent pricing from Easy Pay?

Earn a percentage of every referral's transaction!

As an Easy Pay referral partner, you'll earn a percentage of every transaction that your referral processes for as long as they process on our platform. With a passive, monthly residual income stream, you'll quickly appreciate the rapid growth potential of referring merchant account leads to Easy Pay. 

We encourage you to reach out and initiate a consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable Relation Management Team to explore how you can earn residual income while creating more value in your line of services!

Discuss your business goals with us!